Develop Your Mindset.

Procrastination is the assassin of destination.

Stop telling yourself "Tomorrow".

Become the man you promised yourself you would be. 

Evolve & Mould The Power Of Your Mind.

You know you're meant for more, desire more, yet you make no changes towards that destination. Many men desire a wealthy life. But they don't understand that wealth starts in the mind. Success, power, respect, confidence, women.. can all be stripped back and have one thing in common. They are by-products of a strong, purpose-driven, unbreakable mindset. Instead of chasing these things, you mould and become the high-value man within; only then will these desires be attracted to you. 

Shepard, Not A Sheep

£19.99 GBP
£35.99 GBP

Instant download after purchase. To any device.

Receive 15 chapters and over 25,000 words.

Includes 7 core teachings and frameworks for strengthening mindset. 

21 additional mental protocols derived and developed from the rules of stoicism 

Master traits such as: Confidence, Self-control, Temperance, Purpose, Determination, Resilience, Will-power and more.

Each framework provides actionable insights into reframing the mindset and subsequently behaviour. 

Trusted by 2,486 Customers Worldwide. 

BONUS! - Packaged with: Total Mental Resilience eBook.


Who Can Benefit From This Knowledge?

 For Men Who:

Want to change & want better

Struggle with anxiety/depression

Are lacking purpose & drive

Procrastinate & say "tomorrow"

Have lost faith in themselves

Who know they're meant for more

Seek clarity & a clear direction 

Struggle with self-confidence & doubt

Need to rekindle that determination & fire inside

If you fit any of these descriptions, we know that these feelings aren't easy. This is the guide tailored to your needs, so you can find your own path and become the man you keep promising yourself you will be. 

How it works:

Based on CBT techniques that specialise in changing negative mindset frameworks, thought patterns and subsequent behaviours

CBT aims to break down overwhelming problems into smaller, more manageable parts.

Changes evolve into habits, both physically and mentally. These habits replace the negative ones such as self-doubt and procrastination and result in new purposeful mental frameworks and processes.

Studies show CBT improves symptoms in up tp 75% of people who try it. Therefore, enabling individuals to develop healthier thinking, behavioural frameworks and improved wellbeing

Shepard, Not A Sheep

£19.99 GBP
£35.99 GBP

The longer you hesitate, the further your journey to the top becomes.

Become an unstoppable force.

Reveal the high-value man within.

Start fu*king WINNING!

Join 2,486 men already on their path to greatness. 


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Frequently asked questions


How do i get access to my eBook?


Once the payment transaction has been complete, you will be shown an option to instantly download our eBook. Additionally, you will receive an email which will allow you to download to any device of your choosing. 

Is this guaranteed to help me?


We can't guarantee results. However we have 100% faith in our product and it's value. If you really want to change and put in the work, through our practical frameworks, we're sure you will see positive change.

What's the best way to utilise what's inside the book?


The beauty of our product is that it can be read and practiced however works best for you. We recommend reading one teaching/framework daily and trying to implement it throughout the day, no matter how big or small. Our book can be re-read, read backwards; whichever suits. For example, if 3 specific frameworks really resonate with you, you can read those specific three everyday before you start your day or at night to reflect. 

What does Sigma Creed mean?


Creed (brotherhood) of Sigma's (self-mastery). Our definition of sigma is a male who strives to succeed for himself, independently. A man who wants to become the best version of himself, not due to validation from others but because he owes it to himself to always be improving and on top of his game. Essentially, a community of men picking each other up, to keep it stepping. 

Do you offer refunds?


Due to the nature of our product being digital, we do not offer full refunds. As it can't be sent back in the same way a physical product can be, you will always have access to the value inside our eBook. However, if you're really unhappy with the product, we can offer 50% of the purchase price as a refund. Our only condition is you let us know what you didn't like so that we can work off your feedback. Remember, always strive for constant improvement.